DTM season 1988 in YouTube

Some video material from DTM season 1988 can be found from YouTube. We have collected few shots here.

It is quite nice to look racing on those days; number of cars is HUGE, racing is hard, tarmac is not enough in many curves, there is a lot of sand in air and on track, cockpit is full of hands. Drivers really drove on those days!

And of course this car driven by Klaus Ludwig can be seen in those videos.

These shots contain partly the same materials.  Lenght of viseos are 4-10 mins.

Enjoy this history!!


DTM 1988 Jahresfilm 16:9 (Trailer DVD 818) by

Jahresfilm der alten DTM Deutschen Tourenwagenmeisterschaft 1988 mit Gewinner Klaus Ludwig auf FORD Sierra Cosworth

Trailer of DTM season 1988 review


DTM 1988 – Round 10 – Salzburgring by Ryan Callan

German coverage of the 10th round of the 1988 DTM season, taken from the season review. Both races were cancelled due huge number of accidents.


DTM 1988 Hockenheim Inboard FORD Sierra Original Sound Trailer by

Inboard camera of Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth driven by Klaus Niedzwiedz (Ford Ringshausen Motorsport). It seems that he is driving most of time behind number 18, Klaus Ludwig.


DTM 1988 GTC Touring Cars (DVD801 Trailer) by

GTC German Touring Car. Trailer zum Jahresfilm der “alten” DTM Deutsche Tourenwagenmeisterschaft


DTM 1988 GTC German Touring Car by

The german touringcar championship 1988





Rebuild pictures of DTM Sierra

Here are some pictures of rebuild of our DTM Ford Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Pictures itself tell more than we can write here, so please enjoy exploring these pictures.


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth for sale

We have also another RS Cosworth in our garage. This SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth is now for sale.



SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth



This car is designed and build up by our team, Sarlin Race Team. It was built in 1996-97 to be raced in Finnish Super Saloon series. With quite free technical regulations in this series it was possible to design this kind of high-tech race car. Technical details below.

With this car Kalle Sarlin won championship in FIA NEZ Cup, Baltic GT in 2005. Races were driven in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, final results of season here.

Season 2006 was last in racing with this Escort. Car is in fully operational condition and it will be sold as ready to track.

Price: 102 000 €

Inquiries:, +358 456 765 380


 Technical specs and details


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth


  • Length 4300 mm
  • Width 1960 mm
  • Height 1270 mm
  • Wheelbase 2600 mm
  • Weight 1050 kg


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - chassis

  • Monocoque, design by SRT, manufactured by Avicomp Oy
  • Aluminium composite structure, honeycomp core with aluminium surface plates. Thicknesses 15mm and 25mm
  • Weight of chassis 145 kg.


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth

  • 4-cylinder Cosworth, RS 500 cast iron block, 1993 cm3
  • Aluminium cylinder head, 4 valver per cylinder, 2 over head camshafts by Schrick
  • Pistons from JE-Pistons
  • Turbo charger by Holset, boost pressure  1.7 – 2.0 bar, intercooler
  • Dry oil sump, oil spray cooling for pistons
  • Engine management syst by Haltech.
  • Max power over 500 hp, max torque over 550 Nm


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth

2-plate Tilton clutch, aluminium flywheel

  • Lola DGB 6-speed gearbox installed to rear of car.
  • Gearbox oil cooler
  • Limited slip differential
  • Rear wheel drive


 SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - front suspensionSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - gearbox

  • Front: double wishbone, adjustable stabiliser bar. Springs and shocks by H&R
  • Rear: double wishbone, adjustable stabiliser bar. Springs H&R, shocks by KONI


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - front brakesSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - rear brakes

  • Ventilated disks, in front diameter 355mm, rear 330mm.
  • Front calipers 6-piston Alcon
  • Rear calipers 4-piston Alcon


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - front wheelSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - rear wheel

  • BBS center nut rims, front 11″ x 18″, rear 13″ x 18″
  • Pirelli tyres, front 285/645R18, rear  305/650R18


SRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - dashboardSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - electricsSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - electricsSRT Ford Escort RS Cosworth - electrics

  • Wiring and connectors from aviation components
  • Astratech datalogging system

SRT Logo 300



Sarlin Race Team proudly presents totally rebuild Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, the DTM Championship Car driven by Klaus Ludwig in 1988.

From these pages you can find general info, history ja about this car. All this does not exist yet, we will add material, pictures etc. to these pages. So please visit here again.

SRT Logo 300