DTM season 1988 in YouTube

Some video material from DTM season 1988 can be found from YouTube. We have collected few shots here.

It is quite nice to look racing on those days; number of cars is HUGE, racing is hard, tarmac is not enough in many curves, there is a lot of sand in air and on track, cockpit is full of hands. Drivers really drove on those days!

And of course this car driven by Klaus Ludwig can be seen in those videos.

These shots contain partly the same materials.  Lenght of viseos are 4-10 mins.

Enjoy this history!!


DTM 1988 Jahresfilm 16:9 (Trailer DVD 818) by

Jahresfilm der alten DTM Deutschen Tourenwagenmeisterschaft 1988 mit Gewinner Klaus Ludwig auf FORD Sierra Cosworth

Trailer of DTM season 1988 review


DTM 1988 – Round 10 – Salzburgring by Ryan Callan

German coverage of the 10th round of the 1988 DTM season, taken from the season review. Both races were cancelled due huge number of accidents.


DTM 1988 Hockenheim Inboard FORD Sierra Original Sound Trailer by

Inboard camera of Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth driven by Klaus Niedzwiedz (Ford Ringshausen Motorsport). It seems that he is driving most of time behind number 18, Klaus Ludwig.


DTM 1988 GTC Touring Cars (DVD801 Trailer) by

GTC German Touring Car. Trailer zum Jahresfilm der “alten” DTM Deutsche Tourenwagenmeisterschaft


DTM 1988 GTC German Touring Car by

The german touringcar championship 1988